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Plant Sugars — Be Gentle, Be Kind

Plant Sugars — Are Proven The Most Effective, Gentle Cleansers Available Today

Like a lot of people, I have a passion for natural products and am wholehearted about what are our best choices to achieve and maintain healthy, attractive skin and hair.

Also, like others, who trend towards holistic health, I am excited about these plant sugars — a new generation of cleansing systems that are effective, natural and from sustainable resources — they also offer additional, surprising health benefits.


Here are 12 facts about these exciting 'plant sugar' cleansers.

  1. Plant Sugars are mild they’re ‘top of the charts’
    They’ve been extensively tested and posses’ superior mildness compared to all the other cleansers around today. This is certainly proven, yet there’s nothing like your own experience and it’s wonderful to give up anything that leaves your skin with the ‘squeaky-clean’ feeling.

  2. Plant Sugars won’t hurt anybody — they’re outstandingly gentle
    There is a complex test called — The Duhring Chamber Test which lists them as having the lowest irritation score of all common surfactants.

  3. Plant sugars protect your skin — by preserving moisture
    They do this by not stripping everything out of your skin — especially valuable moisture. Instead they preserve your skin barrier function, better than any other surfactants available.

  4. Plant sugars 'boost the activity' in other active ingredients
    This is super exciting; not only do they perform as an effective, gentle cleanser. They have this other action, which causes them to penetrate deep into the fabric of the skin and take other active ingredients along with them.
    They also leave no residue, that other cleansers are guilty of, which cause resistance to the accompanying active having an effect.

  5. I love, how plant sugar surfactants are made — mother nature plays the most important role.
    Something I obsess about — It begins with photosynthesis — remember biology; plants will convert light energy into chemical energy, then store as carbohydrate molecules, or sugars. These plant sugars are the raw material that ends up as the gentle, soft, luxurious bubbles — we can indulge in.

  6. Using plants sugars are a sustainable resource — were not adding any stress to the planet
    Plant sugar surfactants or (Alkyl polyglycosides) APG's are made from re-growable, raw vegetable materials. They're the starches from corn; wheat or potatoes and the fatty alcohols also used, are derived from sustainable sources of coconut and palm oils.

  7. Plant sugars are a 'green' surfactant — with a fantastic ecological footprint
    Our independent, consulting, genius chemist — Nutracos; has explained this in technical terms: No environmentally harmful intermediates are formed even during the biodegradation end process of mineralization to carbon dioxide and water. Nor do the surfactants release any undesirable by-products such as nitrogen, ethylene oxide, or preservatives. As they do not contain nitrogen they, therefore, cannot contribute to nitrosamine formation. For all these reasons, many formulators view alkyl polyglucosides as ideal “green” surfactants which add significance to their products and help them to differentiate these products from traditional onesplease check out this article by ‘Nutracos’, its our very technical backbone.

  8. Plant sugars are determined as eco-friendly — they’re the ‘greenies’ on today’s market
    They meet the toughest requirements by all the governing bodies of eco-friendly products.

  9. Plant sugars are an alternative to silicone — another eco-friendly positive
    BASF our main, leading manufacturers of these surfactants; have reported some of their plant sugar surfactants lessen the need to include silicone into their formulations. Silicone is a non-biodegradable material — something I avoid completely.

  10. Plant sugars are stable over a wide pH range — mildness guaranteed
    Formulators are able to achieve low pH values — the ideal, gentle 5.5pH. Something you wont find from any bar of soap.

  11. Plant sugars will function as solubilizers — you don’t need other nasty chemicals added
    For fragrances or essential oils, they require highly effective solubilizers to incorporate them into, and become crystal clear, in the surfactant systems. Plant sugars are a natural choice over less attractive synthetic alternatives.

  12. With Plant sugars impressive credentials — they’re proven to be the best
    There are no other surfactants that have the credentials plant sugars offer.


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