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Balancing Skin Wash


Balancing Skin Wash
Balancing Skin Wash Balancing Skin Wash


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What it does

Our deep pore cleanser, formulated to eliminate fungi and bacteria is the first step to help clear blemishes and prevent new ones from forming. By purifying pores and working to balance the skins acid mantle which is the production of its own natural oils is the first step in your acne skincare routine and also helpful for other inflamed skin conditions through to sufferers of keratosis.


What its good for

  • Gentle and powerful cleansing
  • Helps balance the skins acid mantle
  • Helps eliminate fungi and bacteria
  • Supports the skins own lipid layer
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Helps healing and inhibits scar formation
  • Non-drying astringent
  • Moisturizers

Key Ingredients

  1. Alix employs plant sugars which are proven the most gentle yet effective method for cleansing the skin. They’re derived from potato and corn and are simple starches. Here they’re included at concentrated levels and offer powerful deep pore cleansing. 
  2. Essential oils of Petitgrain, Lemon peel and Kanuka are known to eliminate bacteria and fungi
  3. Vitamin E natural 1000iu is the most potent form of natural vitamin E available and included here in optimal levels to be effective when used as a wash off product. An antioxidant fighting off free radicals and assisting the bodies own defenses.


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