Do you know the pH of your cleanser? Ours are 5.7pH 💚 this is a critical factor.

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About Alix

Firstly welcome and thank you for your interest in Alix Skincare.

Alix is fast becoming a leading New Zealand natural skincare brand.

Innovative science, coupled with nature's best plant-based active materials, are employed in our unique formulations prepared by chemist Alex McBryde. Alex’s long career has included developing many successful skin and hair care products.

For Alix, we have taken a new and fresh approach to work with our body's rejuvenating powers; ‘simply, gently, naturally’.

You’re in very safe hands. Alix washes use plant sugars, proven the most gentle way to wash skin and hair, stripping away none of the skin's natural delicate oils (sebum). Followed with plant-based oils to maximize superior moisturization is our mainstay.

Using botanicals, aromatherapy and green chemistry is where your skin and hair will benefit from nature's complex preparations; synthetics cannot replicate the delicate balance of mother natures tour de force.

Alix contains plant-based active materials at their recommended usage being high concentrations.

Discover our simple, powerful and uncomplicated routine. Causing no harm to you or the environment. Vegan friendly, recyclable packaging and certainly only tested on humans.

When you’re next in the beautiful Bay of Islands, we would be honoured to visit our flagship store ‘Alix Apothecary’ in the Selwyn Mall, Paihia. Here you can enjoy our mini-facial, giving you lots of take-home skincare tips such as lymph drainage massage and experience the Alix range first-hand.

Our pursuit of quality essential oils led us to create the unique “My Perfume’ bespoke blending perfume station. This fun and hands-on experience lets you discover, create and enjoy what we call your wellness scent, natural perfume.

Also on offer is the Essential Oil Dispensary to create your unique blend of therapeutic grade essential oils. To use in diffusers, or Alix Bath Bliss or many other beautiful ways.

Alix Apothecary is a must-visit in Paihia, and we’d love to meet you.

Enjoy reading through our product descriptions and become acquainted with our gorgeous range, which we're very proud of.

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see what others say about their first-rate experience using Alix Skincare.

Take beautiful care of yourself. 💚