Do you know the pH of your cleanser? Ours are 5.7pH 💚 this is a critical factor.

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Hair Enhancing Conditioner


What is it?

Our gentle conditioner with Meadowfoam, Jojoba and Wild Cherry Bark smoothes onto the hair with a light, delicate texture and has the pleasing scent of Vanilla. This hair enhancing conditioner can be used as often as required and improves the hairs health, colour and shine, improving the body and rejuvenating damaged hair.

What it's good for

  • Enhances colour shine and softness
  • Improves manageability
  • Rejuvenates damaged hair
  • Adds Body and lustre
  • Anti-static
  • De-tangles and thickens hair
  • It helps prevent split ends and brittle hair
  • The natural fragrance of Vanilla

Key Ingredients

  1. Meadowfoam antioxidants promote hair rejuvenation and shine
  2. D-Panthenol improves damaged hair and reduces split ends
  3. Wild Cherry Bark for silky smooth hair with a touch of warm colour
  4. Jojoba helps prevent tangling, dandruff and dryness




Our unique formulations blend the most optimal concentrations of natural active materials, botanicals, aromatherapy and essential oils, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that are effective for optimum personal health care.


We use plant based-cleansing surfactants which are eco-certified and proven to be gentle on skin and hair. Our products are free from sulphate, paraben, betaine, and DEA. We use ECO-certified and EO-free materials.


We work with our body’s amazing ability to rejuvenate and revitalise at a cellular level, maintaining optimal health. We thoroughly understand the science necessary to formulate products with the most effective natural active ingredients.

Hair Enhancing Conditioner