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Glass Spray Bottle (200ml)


Did you know that essential oils (even diluted ones) are hard on plastics and eventually degrade the quality of the container?

It's for this reason (and environmentally friendly ones) that use this high-grade glass bottle with trigger-action spray nozzle whenever we need to mix our special blends for use around the home or on your body.


What's It Used For? 

Ideal for blending our Scent Home and Insect Repel. Of course, you're not limited to using the bottle for Alix stuff; it's yours to do with what you will!


Raindrop in Green


Our unique formulations blend the most optimal concentrations of natural active materials, botanicals, aromatherapy and essential oils, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that are effective for optimum personal health care.

Koru in Green


We use plant based-cleansing surfactants which are eco-certified and proven to be gentle on skin and hair. Our products are free from sulphate, paraben, betaine, and DEA. We use ECO-certified and EO-free materials.

Lotus Flower in Green


We work with our body’s amazing ability to rejuvenate and revitalise at a cellular level, maintaining optimal health. We thoroughly understand the science necessary to formulate products with the most effective natural active ingredients.

Glass Spray Bottle (200ml)